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Kamal Haasan as Vishwanath / Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri
Rahul Bose as Omar
Shekhar Kapur as Col. Jaganath
Pooja Kumar as Dr. Nirupama
Andrea Jeremiah as Asmita

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Movie Reviews

Vishwaroop 2 - A true "Circumquel" unknown to the kitchensink mentality

When reviews came out last week ranging from 1-2 stars, I really wondered if the Kamal's brilliance in screenwriting really went for a toss or are reviewers that stupid enough to walk into a film that has been told TIME and AGAIN that this is both a PREQUEL and a SEQUEL (or in this case a CIRCUMQUEL, google it.). Vishwaroop 2 (much like the final moments of Part 1) showcased previews of what was to come.

Most reviewers (North Indian aka Bollywood analysts with a biased mindset of a toddler) wrote off scathing reviews calling it a "terrible story, over-convoluted plot, cut-and-paste-job, etc.) Or there were some that maybe/probably saw Part I to super-high-expectations that they expected Part 2 to have a Kathak number (it does to an extent), high prod values (shortchanged due to change in production hands from Prasad V Pothluri (Telugu financier) to Aascar Ravichandran (who last made Dashavtar, the Shankar-Vikram starrer I (a financial failure that was hyped which led to VR2 being stuck in development hell.) There are also some samples who wrote off Part 1 the same way they wrote off this sequel but in fact will go on to praise Jason Bourne or the recent Mission Impossible Fallout.

Granted, this sequel is far from perfect but you have to APPLAUD Kamal and his small production house (Raajkamal films International) for trying to bring an international level given the development hell with post production the team faced & limited finances (Aascar Ravi is no PVP nor is Raajkamal films is as huge Yashraj films - a response to some other samples who praised "Tiger Zinda Hai" and called that a better sequel.)

The writing in Kamal Haasan and Atul Tiwari are very much consistent and alive as they pick up the thread left off post the end of part 1. Yes, you must watch Part 1 to understand the namedrops and references scattered all across the film. Yes, Kamal does spoonfeed you the crucial Afganistan portions and recaps the war sequences (which some sample reviewers dubbed this cut-and-paste job. ) If Kamal jumped into the "heel-faced-turn" scenes where Wisam is begged by Khatija and Jalal to be freed from Omar's clutches or actually guides Omar's wife and kids to safety in the crux of sending off Omar and Salim from the American army invasion, most of you would have been even more disgruntled unless you actually paid attention to the film (you probably didnt, you were trying to find flaws in the film itself keeping the anti-Kamal haasan bias in mind)

Some people were also left flabbergasted on Wisam and co stopping over in London for some random mission. There's no random mission (again this harks back to the climax afghan portions of part 1 where Omar suggests to Wisam about his dirty bomb master plan set in New York, London, Delhi.) The NY plan was in motion during Part 1 and was thwarted. Guess what happened in Part 2?

If the average kitchen mindset can recall a film like Baahubali 2 (a Hindi dubbed film from Telugu, which DID THE EXACT SAME CIRCUMQUEL concept for Part 2), following a film like this isn't rocket science. This isn't a typical Bollywood film where some videshi stick figure or model-come-statue enters a force-fitted item number (which fetches more than million) followed by kitchen sink writing and poor acting. The average Hindi movie goer thinks a sequel is an episodic event like Lage Raho Munnabhai, or Don 2. Some reviewers wrote off this as a needless sequel? How so? What do you know about Asmita's background and her relation with Wisam? What did Col. Jaganath had to do with sending Wisam to the states to stop the Dirty Bomb from going off while going after Omar and his gang? How does Wisam finish Omar in the end? By their logic, I can also say the recent BAAGHI 2 was a needless sequel.

Yes, I agree, Kamal and team should have released Vishwaroop 1 on Youtube/Netflix or streaming to keep viewers afloat, but I suspect the negative bias would have continued. As always, Kamal's film-making writing and concepts are way ahead and will likely be appreciated in later years. Hindi reviewers can look forward to more mundane films like Satyamae Jayate, Simmba, Thugs of Hindustan. I suspect the Shankar-Rajnikanth-Akshay Kumar film 2Point0 may also be bashed soon for being too brammand and high-tech for their kitchen-sink tastes.

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Great story and message. Not so great VFX & CGI.

Vishwaroopam 2 starts off from where Vishwaroopam left us stunned 5 years ago. Kamal Haasan is the star of the show with his great acting and direction skills. Supporting cast too did their part really well. Special mention to Rahul Bose and his assistant. BGM and songs stood out throughout the movie especially the song 'Gnyabagam Varigiradha'. Story conveys a good message too at the end. Overall a great movie experience. My rating: 9/10

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The best movie ......In kollywood

Part one had sense ada visuals were better, CG here in part two is pointless and is expected to have more on box-office for poor dialogue delivery by Andrea, and I would blame the editing crew and CG crew on this. 3* is too much on expectations.

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Vishwaroopam 2much disappointment

Part 1 and 2 of this film series is a complete story, taking us through a lot of things,and particularly this part focuses on emotions and other things.. In one word, it's a must to watch film..

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