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Yogi Babu as n/A
Sri Divya as Guest apperance
Kalyani N. as Kavya's Mother

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Don't lie guys

Promisingly good entertainment movie watch it with white heart not like ajth fan vj fan etc ffusgdudhdudyducuducuducux

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A very average and badly made rom com

I still cant believe that this movie has become successful now. Is it only because the other 2 movies which got released along with this was more worse. Anyways coming to Remo, this movie totally focuses on Siva and Siva alone. The other characters are only sub tracks who deserve nothing. A very old tale with an okay performance from Siva.(mainly because others sucked and he was at least better) Definitely he can do way better than this. But other wise this movie is just a crap. Boring and silly dialogues are written. I guess 2 or 3 scenes in that nurse getup were the only highlights of this movie. The director had just taken many instances from other films and made this. There was not even a single scene in this movie which was new and refreshing to watch. The next question is how come P.C.Sreeram and Resul Pookuty agreed to work in this film. The producer would have surely invested more for their salaries alone I guess. Because this story does not demand any such extreme talents. There is no strong reason why he wears the nurse role. Its a love at first sight, but mostly its stalking which has been glorified. The nurse voice was terrible. Seriously couldn't tolerate it. Instead of Siva himself dubbing for it, i guess some one else should have done it. Because the voice was that awful. No logic in the second half. He switches genders in seconds. He roams wearing expensive shirts but he shown as an uneducated jobless youth (which is again a curse to tamil cinema showing the hero as uneducated) . The fight scenes were only showing heroism which surely hard to accept from Siva. Certain heroes who are legends like Kamal and Surya themselves don't prefer much heroism in their movies and an actor who has just done some 8-9 films have fight scenes with heavy bgm and buildup(the usual buildup of showing the heroine helpless with the villains and out of no where the hero turns up making the baddies fly in air). Please guys we are living in 2016 and we expect some sensible film not some hero worship films. Heavy references of Rajini and the other two. If siva is a Rajini fan, he should propaganda that in his personal interviews and not in all his movies. People are surely sick of it.

Overall- A very average movie which is just being hyped even now with the so called box office collections. This movie is another example that if the box office collections are high, that does not mean the movie will be good . A very bad attempt. Expecting some sensible movie from Siva at least after this.

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Remo is an over hyped disaster. looking at how they were talking about before movie release it grew high hopes that it's not going to be the normal masala tamil films produce, But guess what it is a mix of Minnale,Avvaishanmughi an few other films. REMO fails badly on the output and Anirudh music could save a little. Disappointed with the Hyped Film. Siva is not ready for romance yet, its not pleasing to see and does not connect well with the audience. Only thing he could do is comical avatar despite trying on action scenes which his expressions were not well displayed.SIVA Screen presence also could not match P C sir's camera work. In all i can say its jus another timepass which you can miss.

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romantic comedy

first, we can give the big salute to the director . to choose this story for shoot. and also the producer have the too much of guts or else too much of money to last i think. in order to the director would like to share a big message to youngsters PLEASE LOVE. the nurse role suit for that actor very much. music wise music director did a great job. he just theft him old movie songs only. background music was worst. and overall this movie just forget to treat the audience but the line is too weak . we already did it from the PRE- TEENAGE. ANY ITS A NORMAL STORY LINE NOT MUCH OF WORTHY. THE MOST IRRITATED MOVIE NOT A STRONG STORY LINE AM VERY DISAPPOINTED. THE WORST EVER MOVIE OF 2016 . Siva acting well and good look comparing a boy . she is damn hot .and one more thing Keith licking god but not pretty that much anyway this movie is the 1/10

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