16 Every Detail Counts


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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8.3 / 10


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Rahman as Deepak
Prakash Raghavan as Gautham
Sharath Kumar as The paperboy
Praveen as Manoj

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Movie Reviews

Dark Crime Thriller that Thamizh Cinema didn't expect

After the trailer impressed quiet a number of people, I had an impression that this will be yet another movie which fools around with its trailer. Karthik Naren proved me wrong.

Never seen such a dark crime thriller in Thamizh Cinema. I must say, no one expected such a young lad to perform this much.

The cinematic dark tone, grippy BGM, Screenplay treatment, Almost perfect Casting, makes this a must watch movie.

Although this is not a perfect movie, having its own loopholes, it still stands out from the crowd.

Thamizh Cinema is indeed evolving.

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One of the best thrillers in recent times in Kollywood.

D-16, one of the best thrillers in the recent times. Directed by the debutant Karthick Naren. Debutant? Yes, one would wonder how this is possible by a debutant. Karthick directing his first movie has done an exceptional job.

The first crime scene might seem average, but there on it's entirely a different movie. Each and every scene is planned to perfection and keeps the audience engaged till the end. Suspense is what Karthick masters, he keeps everyone guessing till it is unraveled.

Rahman as Deepak has justified his role. His Malayalam dipped slang might seem a bit unfit but it doesn't over shadow his acting. The story was narrated from Rahman's point of view. Almost all the other faces are new. Everyone has done an exceptional job.

Characterization was another plus no unwanted or annoying characters. Every character has contributed something to the plot. The background score by Jakes Bejoy has travelled along the movie that plants each and every scene in mind. Cinematography is another technical aspect that lifts the movie. Sujith Sarang with the camera has to be lauded for his efforts.

It's a nail biter one might find travelling along the story till the very end. Karthick is another find for Kollywood. When we leave the movie halls we might still feel suspense circling our heads (Few twists have been left to be judged by the audience).

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Must watch thriller

Very good attempt by the upcoming director Karthik. Right from the first scene movie is engaging.Rahman as a police officer has done a great job. No heroism just class. Unusual crime thriller which we don't get to see much in Indian / Tamil cinema. Loved the reference to Mario game of 90s and the magic brick dialogue. Rahman does have a faint Malayalam Accent during the voice over rendering. Very good editing and cinematography. Conclusion in climax doesn't leave much Questions in mind and covers almost all left over bits. All actors have done justice to their roles. I would recommend all to watch this movie as it would be one of the must watch thrillers in tamil history

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wow wow wow

This movie is my favourite movie of 2016. A movie like this took a bloody long time to come. Karthick Naren thank you. In a masala filled industry with cliché dialogues and overrated action sequences,this movie definitely stands out. The movie puts you in the edge of your seat from the very beginning. The movie captures every details so delicately. The plot is decent but the way it is dealt with is what makes the movie so thrilling. Rahman did a great job to keep us thinking till the end. This movie should have been dubbed and released in multiple languages. The twist was like icing on a black forest cake. Best 1hr 44 min of my life. This is a must watch. DO NOT MISS IT

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